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Welcome to the West Somerset Mineral Railway website

The West Somerset Mineral Railway was built between 1857 and 1864 to take iron ore from the mines on the Brendon Hills to Watchet harbour, where it was loaded onto ships and transported across to South Wales for smelting at Ebbw Vale.

The operation was unprofitable and the mines were closed in 1883 and the railway in 1898.
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A short history 
includes a timeline, sections on mining, the railway, the port and people, each picking up on some of the themes of the Mineral Line... + a virtual tour of RX mine


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Images and drawings
Image gallery with a selection of historic and contemporary photographs, drawings and archive footage...

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Sites to explore
How to get there, visitor information for Mineral Line locations: Watchet, the Incline, Bearland Flue and Langham engine house, ...


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About the project

News, events calendar, background and partners of the project, conservation work on the Mineral Line sites, publications, resources and feedback...

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Learning resources

Teachers' packs and site information for schools, an interactive resouce with a flyover of the Mineral Line...

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