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WSMR Teachers' Packs

The following packs have been trialled and developed for Key Stage 2 teachers to introduce the West Somerset Mineral Railway, and enhance students’ visits to the various sites along the Mineral Line. 


The list of teacher’s pack below links to a the complete pdf document for the subject and to individual sections you can download. 


Introduction | The Incline| Bearland Ventilation Flue | Langham Engine House | Watchet to Washford Trail | Watchet and the WSMR



What to expect from each pack

1. Teachers notes

  • Pack Plan (activity and resource outline, learning aims, links to the National Curriculum, acknowledgements)

  • Planning a visit (how to get there, what to bring, risk assessment, access and ownership)

2. Activities

  • Pre visit activities

  • On site activities

  • Post visit activities


3. Resources

  • Worksheets

  • Photographs

  • Maps

  • Illustrations 



These packs were written by Mary Olszewska, Heritage Education Officer for the West Somerset Mineral Railway Project.


Introduction to the WSMR Activity 4 was written by Beth Coleman, Frances Stuart and Guy Clothier, Somerset Waste Action Programme, from the Carymoor Environmental Trust.


Incline Activity 2 was written by Naomi Turley, from the Field Studies Centre at Nettlecombe Court.

Watchet to Washford Trail Activity 3 was written by Janet Keeble and Jessy Harris, Somerset Wildlife Trust.


Thanks to Mike Jones for his historical knowledge.