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New Exhibition at Watchet Market House Museum completed

New exhibition in the north window New exhibition in the north window

From James Nicholas - Watchet Market House Museum


The Watchet Market House Museum phase concerning  the West Somerset Mineral Railway Project has moved on a step further with the completion of the north window makeover.

New information panels and some fine models, created by Stephen Best, about this fascinating part of our industrial heritage have been installed. One model depicts the loading of iron ore onto the 'Lizzie' on the West Pier while
the other shows a working model of the Brendon incline.  A digital picture frame loaded with some wonderful images from the period is also featured complemented with excellent more photographs inside.

The whole project is funded by the Heritage Lottery fund enabling conservation to take place at three important industrial sites : Langham Engine House, Bearland Ventilation Flue and the incline.  Further work will be carried out on the West Pier and Mineral Yard over the coming months.

Dr Eric Robinson has been conducting geological guided tours around Watchet during the summer, further details of which can be obtained from the museum.
 Plans are in hand to refurbish the South windows during the close season with new displays promised.


 The Market House Museum attracts some 40000 visitors every year making it one of the most popular attractions in the area. They are always looking for new stewards to assist and training is given to those that are interested. Contact the museum for details.