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Images and drawings

Images and drawings intro

These photographs of the Mineral Line fall intro three categories: those taken during the various phases of operation of the mines and railway; pictures taken throughout the period of nearly a hundred years during which the remains of the railway were researched, investigated and explored; and finally some recent images documenting the work financed by this project. 


The collection also includes a selection of the architectural and reconstruction drawings by Mike Jones from the Brendon Hill Industrial Survey (BHIS).   


We will be adding more material , so keep checking!


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Image details

Date from created  01/01/yyyy represents the year.  The exact day and month are not known. 


Collection refers to the primary source for the digital image only.  It has not been possible to research the provenance of each item.  See Sources for acknowledgements.


Photographer/Creator The name of the photographer is given if known.  In the case of images or works of art, documents etc. the “creator” of the original object is named.