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Time Period

To browse the images and drawings within the West Somerset Mineral Railway’s  time periods click either on the time line or the period definition below.


Wherever possible, images have been associated with a date and time period, but no guarantee can be given for the accuracy of the dates assigned.

Time Line
Pre-history – 1852 1853 – 1898 1899 – 1925 1926 – present
Pre-history – 1852

From iron mining in pre-history to the formation of the WSMR.



1853 – 1898

The period of construction and operation of the West Somerset Mineral Railway.  Iron was mined until 1883.


1899 – 1925

The West Somerset Mineral Railway declined and re-opened for three short lived ventures before the company was finally wound up.

1926 – present

Decay, re-discovery, exploration and evaluation of the mines and the West Somerset Mineral Railway